Inkjet Textile Printer

Ultra-fast inkjet textile printer

Today, the most popular technology for printing on clothing is screen printing, a method that generates large volumes of waste liquid. The Nassenger SP-1 is an inkjet textile printer that can print directly on fabric at some of the fastest speeds in the world. The machine reduces water consumption to about 1/10th that of conventional methods, and it can quickly print elaborate patterns and smooth gradations that would be difficult to execute by conventional methods.

Pioneering design

Inkjet textile printing will bring about historic change thanks to the high productivity and environmental friendliness it makes possible. We designed a smooth, blue shape that we call “Streamline” to symbolize this new era. A tablet-like control panel broadens the operator’s range of activity by providing a pleasant and intuitive work environment.

“Streamline” design​

Clean, highly symbolic shape

Support for tablet-based operation​

designer's Interview