Facilitating faster, more accurate measurement

Color management is an essential part of manufacturing. The CM-26dG is a portable colorimeter that measures the color of materials used in applications such as automobile interiors and smartphone enclosures. In addition to delivering high measurement precision, the instrument can measure both hue and luster, which in the past have been measured with separate devices, and it facilitates significantly improved work efficiency and measurement precision.

Achieving usability by focusing on the act of measurement

Our goal was to develop a product that offers improved productivity, of course, but also one that would keep daily, repetitious measurement work from becoming a stressful experience for operators. With its angled and rounded tip, the enclosure is shaped to facilitate measurement in confined locations that have been difficult to access in the past. Additionally, an integrated viewfinder makes it easy to set the measurement location whether you’re measuring a small piece of patterned cloth, printed material, or other object.

Intuitive, easy-to-understand controls

Viewfinder that makes it easy to check small target objects

Grip with a pleasing shape and balanced feel