Mask-type wearable device

Prototypes that explore a yet-unseen future

The market for wearable devices is expected to grow in the future. We designed a prototype of a mask-type wearable device that accepts audio input and senses breathing information in a discreet design. We're exploring a vision for tomorrow while thinking about a yet-unseen future.​

Drawing on humanity as the starting point Giving shape to beauty​

Our focus on the perspective of humanity is especially evident in the device’s arched shape. We designed a profile that creates space for breathing inside the mask while making the wearer’s features even more beautiful than if they were wearing a standard mask. Because this is a wearable device, we focused on human beauty and sought to create a design that merges the device and the mask with the person.

Iconic form that evokes the future​

Sensor design that lowers the hurdle of use​

Arched shape that accentuates the mouth’s beauty