Wearable Communicators

An unbelievably light wearable communicator

The WCc is an eyeglass-type communicator that can provide information in real time and provide navigation so that work tasks are completed without error. Konica Minolta’s proprietary holographic optical elements are lightweight, compact, and highly transparent so that they won’t block the wearer’s field of view. Because it can be worn continuously, WCc allows instructions to be sent in a timely manner, reducing work times and improving quality. ​

Easy-to-wear performance​

The design process included multiple verification stages to ensure that the product was small and light enough, and comfortable enough for anyone to wear, regardless of whether they usually wear eyeglasses. Additionally, the frame can be adjusted based on the width of the wearer’s face, and the amount of lens correction can be adjusted to accommodate the wearer’s regular prescription. The product comes in black and pearl white colors to evoke an image of lightness and comfort, and it features a stylish design that avoids stress even when used over long periods of time.

Holographic optical element with proprietary technology

Adjustable frame width and lens strength to accommodate all wearers​

​Black and pearl white colors to evoke an image of lightness and comfort

*This product is no longer sold or serviced.