Chroma Meter / Luminance Meter
[CS-150 / CS-160 / LS-150 / LS-160]

Measuring color and brightness from a distance​

The CS-150/LS-150 series is a line of instruments for measuring color and brightness from a distance, for example the color of a building’s walls or the brightness of an auditorium’s lighting. It operates on battery power and features a compact, portable design so that it can be easily used in any location. In addition to central management of data via a computer connection, the instrument can perform remote measurement, eliminating the need to operate it directly.​

Inheriting the legacy of a long-running bestseller that became a standard in its time​

The previous model met customer needs for 25 years. All you had to do was pick it up to make instant measurements. We redesigned its shape to realize a rugged appearance and improved quality so that it would become a standard tool for this new era while inheriting the ease of use of the previous model. We also added a backlight and enhanced the display so that the buttons can be used in dim locations, improving ease of use.​

Instant measurement simply by picking up the instrument

Shape that will become a new standard​

Backlight to ensure ease of use in dim locations​