Giving Shape to Ideas

Developing New Business Domains (Introduction to BIC) Bringing together diverse knowledge from around the world to create innovative business


Establishing an organization dedicated to developing new customer-oriented businesses with a view to accelerating business transformation

In order to achieve continuous growth amid dramatic change in the environment surrounding our business, we will need to break away from the conventional product-oriented business model and move towards a primary focus on solutions-oriented businesses that bring innovation to our customers’ business. This viewpoint prompted the creation of Business Innovation Centers (the BICs) in fiscal 2014 as organizations dedicated to creating new businesses.

Action going forward

Assigning people with strong expertise in each segment to the heads of teams and developing new businesses which meet the different market needs in the five major regions around the world

BICs operate in the five major regions around the world — North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, and Japan—and closely collaborate with a diverse range of entities such as academic institutes, research institutes, partner companies, and start-ups in each region to develop new businesses in line with anticipated market changes. Highly-capable people are brought in from the outside to lead these sites, and there are always over 20 or more ongoing projects based on the needs of each regional market.

Region Comments Profile
North America

I am excited to be aggressively spearheading the global BIC initiative for the past year and have driven an impressive investment and partnership strategy to deliver outcomes at an unprecedented pace. We are just getting started with a lot more to accomplish as we bring the silicon valley culture to Konica Minolta and change the trajectory of our company.

Ekta Sahasi (US)

Professional business incubation experience at e-Commerce

  • Director, R&D & Innovation Products
    (PayPal Pte. Ltd.)
  • Senior Manager, Research Lab & Innovation Program (eBay Inc.)

We at Konica Minolta believe that our greatest value lies in what we can do to drive our customer’s business forward. Our aim is to co-develop leading edge future focused offerings that are built from progressive invention, partnership and technical excellence.

Dennis Curry (EU)

Professional experience in creating innovation centres

  • Director, Account Strategy & Enterprise Innovation (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
  • CTO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Business Innovation is not just about a Great Idea. It is about developing that Idea into a Viable Business Hypothesis, Testing it and actually Building it up into a Profitable and Sustainable Business. In BIC AP we are focused on creating a portfolio of solutions that adds new value to our Customers and Konica Minolta.

Rachel Goh (AP)

Entrepreneurial corporate leader with 32 years of IT Solutions

  • VP, Business Applications (Singapore Telecommunications Limited)
  • Director, Application Services (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)

Business innovation is a process that gets into everything from nothing. We believe our innovation would bring value-adding products and services to our customers and bring profitable and sustainable business to Konica Minolta, BIC-China are focused on identifying customer needs and developing local partnerships to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Yongiun Chen (CN)

Extensive knowledge in optical electronics, automation, and new energy industries

  • Sales & Marketing Director (Shanghai Galileo Navigation Industry Ltd.)

I aim to be a corporate entrepreneur, creating new businesses that reinvent the Konica Minolta brand.

Takashi Hakii (JP)

Professional experience in IT business start-ups/Internet entrepreneur

  • Director, Supply Chain Management (PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants Co., Ltd.)
  • Founder / CEO (TRICORN Corporation)
  • Founder/CEO (JOLLYROGER Corporation)