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Business Transformation Achievement 1 MPM service and its ability
to make customers’ marketing succeed

Renault UK

Renault UK is the UK subsidiary of Renault SAS, which is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. Renault is a global group with more than 110,000 employees worldwide. When it formed a business alliance with Nissan Motors in 1999, Renault became the fourth largest automobile manufacturing group in the world. Renault considers the UK, which is where Renault UK is based, to be a very important market and within the top 10 in the world.

Company Profile
Company Name: Renault UK
Location: Rickmansworth, England
Established: October 1, 1898
Employees: Over 110,000 worldwide


Recognize the impact of marketing on competitiveness and make it more efficient and effective

Renault UK makes and distributes product catalogs and various other printed materials. Although an element essential to expanding their sales, these printed promotional materials also incur considerable costs and manpower to create and print.
Ascertaining costs related to printed materials and making improvements requires high-level knowledge and expertise when it comes to the printing process. This is why Renault UK has depended on outside experts for support.

Renault UK’s main objectives

  • Streamline the process involved in creating catalogs and other printed promotional materials
  • Cut costs involved in creating catalogs and other printed promotional materials
  • Acquire knowledge and expertise pertaining to printed materials

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Deploying Charterhouse’s MPM service and letting resident staff centrally manage the creation of various printed materials

Renault UK now uses the MPM (Marketing Print Management) service, offered by Konica Minolta Group member Charterhouse Print Management Limited (Charterhouse).
The MPM service puts expert staff into full-time positions within customers’ marketing departments, where the staff can centrally manage the huge volumes of printed promotional materials. This optimizes quality and cost performance while helping to enhance customers’ brand image and expand sales. In addition to their extensive experience as a longtime provider of the MPM service, Charterhouse was also chosen for its trustworthiness as a company with ISO 12647-2 certification, an international standard for printing quality.
Within Renault UK’s office, Charterhouse placed a full-time team of people with extensive knowledge of automobile industry marketing to provide their expertise concerning techniques. This allowed Renault UK to improve the efficiency of its process for producing printed materials for public consumption, cut printing costs, and invest more into other areas of its marketing mix.
With this success, the company was allowed to create an artwork studio within Renault UK's offices. By becoming more deeply involved in artwork, layout, and other such operations, the company is also finding success in making deliveries within the very short time frames required by the automobile industry. Charterhouse’s on-site team has also achieved more authority; in addition to managing printed materials, it is now working on developing new marketing services. The team is also conducting research in the field of digital production in the on-site studio.
All of this makes Charterhouse’s on-site team a powerful partner for Renault UK, which benefits from the team’s ability to assume responsibility for both devising and implementing strategies. Resounding acclaim for this partnership has prompted the creation of similar printing teams and studios at Renault distributors in other regions such as Belgium and Holland.

Charterhouse artwork studio at Renault
Printed promotional materials for Renault UK made by Charterhouse

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Customer’s Story

High praise for a wide range of support
not limited to just improving printing efficiency and costs.

Purchasing manager, Renault
Mr. Andrew Kirk

As purchasing manager, I handle all indirect expenses for the company. A major part of my job is obtaining the best costs for marketing and related printed materials, a major expense category.
Looking to bring expertise and innovation in the area of printed materials into my company’s marketing and brand management, we looked to out-source this area with production experts.
Our choosing Charterhouse over several other specialists was because of its ability to not only provide its expert knowledge of printing but to also streamline the entire process of printed material production and significantly cut costs.
Charterhouse truly provided a capable team with extensive knowledge of catalog production and marketing for the automobile industry. Working from within our offices, the team not only handles all production of printed materials but also manages expenses related to printing — it is an extension of our team. Moreover, the team has improved transparency in all our business dealings and provides monthly reports covering its operations and the cost efficiencies it is achieving.
Helping to also devise and implement purchasing strategies in the printing category, Charterhouse’s on-site team is an essential partner for both marketing and purchasing.

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