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March 2, 2003


Konica is "Focused on You" When Delivering Its Comprehensive Portfolio of Photo Imaging Innovations

Tokyo (March 2, 2003) - Konica Corporation is pleased to announce that it will be showcasing innovative, customer-focused products and solutions based on years of experience in the imaging industry at the PMA 2003 being held from March 2 to 5 in Las Vegas, USA.

The theme of Konica's presence at the PMA 2003 is "Focused on You" - clearly emphasizing the company's desire and ability to deliver the highest quality photo imaging products while building exceptional relationships with customers and partners. From input, processing and all through to output, including communication applications, Konica will demonstrate system solutions focusing on all aspects of the imaging industry.

Konica will be located at booth number F119 during this year's PMA. At the booth and throughout the show, Konica will be showcasing a variety of end-to-end imaging solutions.

Headlining the new products for the US market to be announced at the PMA 2003 are;

  1. Konica Revio KD-410Z
  2. Konica Color CENTURIA PRO 400
  3. Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800
  4. Konica FiLM-iN Neo SUPER

Some highlights include:

  1. Digital Cameras - The newest addition to the Konica's digital camera lineupis the Konica Revio KD-410Z, a 4-megapixel, optical 3x digital still camera with an ultra-slim, ultra-compact body. The new camera has a sleekly styled design and features Konica's well-accepted Dual Slot, accommodating the two most popular image storage media: SD Memory Card and Memory Stick. At the show, Konica's line-up of digital cameras, such as Konica Digital Revio KD-500Z and Konica Revio C2, will be on display, allowing show audiences to see why they have been recognized among the best new cameras on the market.

  2. Digital Minilab -- At the booth, Konica will demonstrate various digital system solutions using the revolutionary full digital minilab system, Konica Digital Minilab System R1 Super, developed with a high priority placed on print quality, ease of operation and system expandability. You can experience for yourself the splendid optional features of the new upgraded R1 Super software, such as CD-R burning, red-eye correction, film scratch removal, and contamination removal.

  3. Color Film -- Newly announced at the PMA 2003 is an unprecedented type of new color film for high-quality portraits, Konica CENTURIA PRO 400. Succeeding the high-performance technologies of the award-winning CENTURIA SUPER film series combined with the latest advanced emulsion technology and super-fine crystal technology, it offers rich gradations and ultra-fine grain for exceptional face tone depiction.

  4. One-Time-Use Cameras - Konica expand its diverse line-up of Konica FiLM-iN one-time-use cameras by introducing premium Konica FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800 and a convenient Konica FiLM-iN Neo SUPER. The FiLM-iN CENTURIA SUPER 800 incorporates award-winning high-quality Konica Color CENTURIA SUPER 800 film and Konica's original auto-aperture changer linked with flash. These features combined with a new flash units with longer reach, allow you to capture brighter and more detailed backgrounds every time you shoot. The FiLM-iN Neo SUPER incorporates Konica Color CENTURIA SUPER 400 film for taking stunning pictures. A non-flash model is for convenient daytime shooting, and a flash model for brilliant indoor shots.

  5. Color Paper and Inkjet Paper - Konica's complete line of Professional, Premium and Matte Everyday photo paper, including its QA-AD Amateur digital paper, QA-CD Commercial digital paper will be displayed at the paper gallery within Konica booth. Along the gallery, brilliant large format pictures printed on Konica's highest quality photo inkjet paper, Konica Inkjet Paper QP series, will also sure to attract eyes of the visitors.

Konica is proud to present a diversified selection of market-leading photo-imaging solutions at the PMA 2003, that reveals our commitment to the ongoing innovation of new products and services that enhance the joy of photography.

Notice to U.S. Investors

This press release includes forward-looking statements that reflect the plans and expectations of Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd., in relation to the proposed share exchange and integration of management and the benefits resulting from them. To the extent that statements in this press release do not relate to historical or current facts, they constitute forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements are based on the current assumptions and beliefs of Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. in light of the information available to them, and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the ability of Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. to integrate their operations effectively, as well as the factors identified under "Forward-Looking Statements" of the Annual Report 2002 of Konica Corporation and "Disclaimer Regarding Forward-Looking Statements" of the Annual Report 2002 of Minolta Co., Ltd. Such risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause the actual results, performance or financial position of the new corporate group referred to in this press release to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. undertake no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements after the date of this press release.

This press release relates to a proposed share exchange which involves the securities of two Japanese companies, Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. The share exchange is subject to Japanese disclosure requirements that are different from those of the United States. Financial information included in the document has been prepared in accordance with Japanese accounting standards that may not be comparable to the financial statements of United States companies.

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You should be aware that Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd. may purchase securities otherwise than under the share exchange, such as in open market or privately negotiated purchases.

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