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Barrier Film

Konica Minolta applied the technologies it had built up over the years to develop Flexent, a remarkably innovative barrier film far superior to all others.

Mobile devices require developments based on new concepts, like electronic paper, and environmental concerns have resulted in new developments for an eager market, like solar panels and increasingly popular organic electroluminescent devices.
These new age innovations must have strong barrier capabilities to protect their high quality.
Flexent has achieved barrier excellence and has a number of other admirable characteristics as well, making it ideal for next-generation uses, especially where flexibility is important.
This revolutionary high-barrier film was developed with Konica Minolta’s core technologies (such as multilayer membrane design technologies and coating technologies developed for the manufacture of light-sensitive photographic materials), and the results of our R&D in the field of flexible organic electroluminescent panels (which are now at the cutting edge in the technological world).

Barrier Film

Superior characteristics

  • This film can be mass produced while maintaining exceptionally high barrier capabilities.
  • Innovative membrane production technologies ensure a superlative level of smoothness.
  • The world’s first entirely inorganic layered barrier film that can both withstand heat and offer flexibility.
  • Sustained reliability proven during a wide range of tests.


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