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The Basic Knowledge of OLED

What is OLED?

About 30 years ago, an American Researcher succeeded in creating new light by forming organic materials into very thin stacked layers. They called the phenomenon, organic materials shine when voltage is applied, “Organic Electroluminescence”. OLED is an abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode and one type of light emitting device that applies the phenomenon of “Organic Electroluminescence”.

The characteristics of OLED.

How does it work?

OLED has a simple structure composed of very thin multiple organic layers. The total thickness of organic layers is a few hundred nanometers, which is 1/1000 of that of human hair. These organic layers are sandwiched by anode and cathode, then voltage is applied to emit light.

Why does it shine?

When injecting “holes” with positive charge and “electrons” with negative charge from both ends of the device through two electrodes, these holes and electrons combine in organic emitting layer, then organic materials transit to the excited state. Then, as the organic materials returns to the ground state, the organic layer releases energy as light.

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