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Clear Window Film

Ultimate Driving Comfort “Ultra Nano Film”

Clear Window Film with High Heat Rejection and No Signal Interference Technology

Blocks over 95% of infrared light

KONICA MINOLTA Ultra Nano particles

Thanks to Konica Minolta's unique Ultra Nano particles, the film blocks over 95% of infrared light, a principle source of heat. By blocking the majority of heat from the sun, the film makes driving much more comfortable.

Conventional film

Compared to film made with Ultra Nano particles, conventional film rejects a low percentage of infrared light and is therefore ineffective at blocking heat.

Uniform particle size enabled outstanding clarity


Ultra Nano particles is achieved through ultrafine particle dispersion technology. Visible light passes through the film without curving, enabling an outstanding level of clarity.

Conventional film

In conventional film, particles are large and vary in size, causing light to refract and worsening visibility.

Level of clarity (haze value)
Over 70% greater than conventional film

Non-refractive film enhances driving safety

A windshield with Ultra Nano film
= A clear view

The view stays clear from all angles, ensuring safety when driving.

*Used in RT70 and RT85

Conventional film
A windshield with conventional film
= Light refracts, causing poor visibility

When bright light shines through the dark, like the sunlight at the end of a tunnel or the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, the film can cause the light to refract, impairing visibility.

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