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ICE-μ Technology

ICE-μ Product Introduction

Incorporates some of Konica Minolta's core technologies, honed through years of R&D. Revolutionary 'Wavelength control technology' effectively blocks heat and UV rays while letting through visible light. The non-metalized design doesn't interfere with electronic signals, letting you stay connected. ICE-μ: an eco friendly window film that gives you a more comfortable drive.

Product Introduction

The History of Konica Minolta ICE-μ TechnologyThe History of Konica Minolta ICE-μ Technology

ICE-μoriginated from Konica Minolta's long history in its expertised core technology in Optical Design, Photo Imaging, Functional Materials, and Nano-fabrication. Its attractive characteristics led the product able to compete in the market.

Film ProductionFilm Production

Konica Minolta excels at the simultaneous formation of multiple coated films with precision on the nano order.The roll-to-roll coating method and the material design technology made the way to ICE-μ.

Clear Window FilmClear Window Film

Konica Minolta brought about the technology which provides clear window film with High Heat Rejection and No Signal Interference.

ICE-μ Product LineupICE-μ Product Lineup

Excellently blocked UV and Infrared Ray with "Wave Length Control Technology". In addition with high transparency with its achievement in non-electromagnetic signal interference by metallic unusage.

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