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Car tint (Tinting)

Installation Procedures

Konica Minolta film is for use on autGomobile windows only. It cannot be applied to the car body, headlights, or mirrors.

1.Check condition of windows and position when rolled fully up/down

Before applying the film, make sure to check the glass for dirt and pre-existing scratches, log any damage, and receive the customer's acknowledgement. Failure to perform such a check can lead to later customer complaints.
Also, check whether each window rolls up and down properly, as well as how far the window rolls down.

2.Protecting the vehicle interior

With tape or a towel, cover the car interior under where the window film will be installed, to prevent the application solution from falling on it.

3.Cleaning the glass

Clean both sides of the window.

4.Check window rolling

Double-check that the window rolls up and down smoothly, and then roll it all the way up.

5.Rough cut (outside of window)

Cut out a piece of film slightly larger than the size of the window. Spray the outside of the window with application solution, and temporarily lay the film on the glass, liner-side facing out.

6.Cutting the film

Position the film so that the bottom edge is parallel with the outer rubber window rail, far enough down so that it can be fully tucked into the gasket after the final cut. Trim the film, cutting along the edge of the window, and then peel it off.

Be sure to use a new, sharp blade for cutting.
Use the edge of the rubber squeegee to push out the water, taking care that the film doesn't have any wrinkles.

7.Apply inside vehicle

At your working area, peel the liner from the film and spray the adhesive side of the film with application solution. Inside the car, roll down the window slightly and spray the inside of the window with application solution. Then position the film on the glass so that the top edge of the film lines up with the top of the glass.

8.Cut the film

With a few strokes of the squeegee, push out enough of the application solution to temporarily hold the film in place for further trimming. (Don't completely push out all the solution just yet.) In parts where the film extends past the edge of the glass, place the razor knife against the edge and trim away the excess film.

9.Tuck in the film

After trimming the top of the film, carefully roll up the window (enough so that the film can fit into the gasket). Tuck the bottom of the film under the gasket, using the squeegee to push back the gasket and slipping the film in behind it.

10.Final steps

Using the squeegee, fully push out all application solution remaining between the film and the glass.

If the glass has a high degree of curvature, use a heat gun in step 6 above to form the film to the curved surface. When heat-forming the film, work from the center of the window outwards.

The installation procedure and tools described above are examples. Please use them as basic guidelines, modifying them as appropriate to the situation.

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