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Product Guarantee


  • This guarantee, for the duration of the guarantee period, is valid in cases in which notable problems with the installed film, including marked degradation of color, peeling, blisters, or other defects in appearance, are found to have occurred due to defect(s) in the film as sold by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will exchange defective film, and the dealer that installed the film will perform a second installation free of charge. The manufacturer's guarantee does not apply to cases where a problem with the film occurs due to improper installation.
  • The user, before installation of the film, determines whether the film is appropriate to his or her use, and accepts all responsibility for accompanying risks, accidents, or other problems.
  • The information and technical data contained in this manual are based on experiments considered reliable by Konica Minolta, but the company does not offer absolute assurance of their complete accuracy. Furthermore, the product guarantee does not apply to problems resulting from misuse, rough handling, or improper maintenance of the product.
  • The guarantee does not include fees due to accidents when installing the product or medical costs related to such accidents.
  • Guarantee period
    The guarantee takes effect on the day installation of the product is completed.
  • Cases in which a second installation is performed under the guarantee
    If a second installation is performed under the guarantee, the start date of the guarantee period will remain the date on which the original film was installed, and the guarantee period will not be extended.
  • This guarantee is invalid if the installation violates the road traffic laws of the country in which it was performed.
  • This guarantee is only valid if reports are sent to Konica Minolta every other year after installation on the state of the installed film.
  • This guarantee is valid upon its submission.


The guarantee does not apply to any of the following items.

  1. Problems with the product due to environment or method of use
    ・Installation in an area from where the film cannot be easily removed
    ・Problems resulting from external force or stress to the film
  2. Problems resulting from external force or stress to the film
  3. Damage to the film caused by a person
    ・Damage caused by the owner or a third party through maintenance, re-installation, or vandalism
  4. Damage from natural disasters, war, fire, accidents, or other environmental factors
  5. Problems with use of the film while in another country
  6. Problems with double-layered installation of film
  7. Problems with film that has been modified in some way by the user, e.g. printed onto
  8. Scratches or discoloration that have occurred in an environment of normal use
  9. Damage to the film due to use of organic solvents, alkali, acid, or other chemical agents
  10. Problems with the window or vehicle (degradation, rust, internal condensation)
  11. The function or performance of the film

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