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Q What are CT, NE, and the numbers 05~78 from CT05NE~CT60NE abbreviated from?
A CT is abbreviated from Cut-Thermal and NE is from Nocut-Electromagnetic waves and the numbers 05~78 refer to the Percentage of the Visible Light Transmission in their types.
Q What is the product brand?
A It is ICE-μ (ICE-Myuu). ICE is abbreviated from Intelligent Film for Comfortable Environment. Μyuu refers to the chemical signs implying to the thinness of the film.
Q What are the product differentiations (product features) for G70? Comparing with other products, what features of G70 are marked as competitive to rivals?
A ① It is Non-Metallic Use Type, so it is categorized in the electro magnetic wave penetrable Window Film.
→ It has no interruption to the communication by electronic devices, such as Smart TAG, Mobile phone or Car Navigation.
② The Wave Length Control Technology (KM applied the optical design technology and the thin-film formation technology with the new developed materials to design the construction of the multi-layer typed-film.)
→ Therefore, the electro magnetic wave can be penetrated with the high visible light transmission.
→ Therefore, our window films are completed with the wide range of product line-up.
③ With more strength in the heat-reflection than in heat-absorption, the car interior will not be filled up with heat.
④ KM window film has the highest TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) ratio in the electro magnetic wave penetrable heat rejection window film category.
Q What is the thickness of each type of window film? (Explained with the unitμor mil)
A CT78NE, CT60NE and SS70 have 2mil thickness. CT05, CT20, CT40 and CT50 have 1 mil thickness (including separator layer).
Q How Window Film be installed to the automotive window glass?
A Window Film has been installed to the glass internally.
Q What kind of cautions should be cared for after installation.
A When tinting the window film, it usually turns blurry, cloudy, and displaying some different colors right after the installation. However, these conditions will remain only 3 days in summer and a week in winter only after the water drying process for tinting. Therefore, the window should be avoided turning up and down or avoided being touched. Do not directly scratch the tinted window with sharp objects. The film surface has a hard coating, but nails or other sharp objects can make scratches. Furthermore, do not put tape on tinted windows.
Q Why Konica Minolta expanded the business scheme to the Window Film Business?
A Konica Minolta has had a long history in the R&D and the Production of the Camera Film. Moreover, we are the excellent company which holds the high optical technology like lenses and the camera body development. Konica Minolta has been considering we has a potential to produce the world top class heat rejection window film with our own unique technology, since we hold the quality production process and R&D. So, we determined to open our door to the Window Film Business.

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