A3 Color Multifunction Printer
[bizhub i-Series]

Inheriting and advancing the brand and total branding​

We realized a design befitting a new product generation while inheriting Konica Minolta’s design and identity in the form of the white “INFO-Palette” panel on a black body that expresses the point of contact with customers.
We launched the product simultaneously with the A4 model as the new bizhub i series, and we completed an overall brand design that encompassed both hardware and software instead of designing just the device itself, reflecting our anticipation that both products might be installed together.​

An interface that communicates the joy of work to the user​

We sought to create a product that would become an intimate part of the user’s life and in doing so communicate the joy of work by combining gentle, indirect ambient lighting (for the “data receive” indicator) with simple, smooth usability.

Creating an even simpler shape to inherit and advance the design identity

Realizing ultimate simplicity with a lack of uneven surfaces

Ambient lighting that appeals to users’ sensitivity​

designer's Interview