Image IoT Platform
[FORXAI Branding]

Accelerating creative collaboration through branding

FORXAI is an image IoT platform that accelerates the digital transformation of society. We are currently pursuing creative collaboration through FOXAI with partners, for example by developing autonomous control systems that use an object detection AI and adding a human anatomy detection AI to household robots. We've designed a point of contact for all experiences in keeping with a consistent brand personality that focuses on accelerating creative collaboration.

Go Beyond Human Vision

FORXAI’s vision statement is “Going beyond the limits of human vision to realize a hope-filled society.” The name combines two concepts: “foresight” and “for X AI,” referring to the use of AI on society’s behalf. The overlapping arrows that form the letter X, signifying innovative change, represent our stance as we move forward into the future.

“The X”: The element which symbolizes the brand

Forming communities around creative collaboration

Branding experiential points of contact