Planetarium dome theaters

An overwhelming experience with innovative dome systems

DYNAVISION®-LED, an innovative display system consisting of self-emitting LED panels arranged on the hemisphere dome, makes it possible to create high-brightness and wide-color-gamut images, such as clear blue skies or fiery sunsets, that were impossible with conventional projection systems. Two brand-new theaters, Manten Nagoya and Planetaria Yokohama, have evolved the concept of the planetarium by providing an overwhelming experience with DYNAVISION®-LED.

Interior design that creates experiences

Each Konica Minolta theater provides customer experiences through its unique design theme.
We designed the interior to be part of the theater, Manten Nagoya, which evokes the aurora in a soothing yet gorgeous setting.
We also oversaw the interior design of the dome of another theater, Planetaria Yokohama, in which the dome itself represents outer space.
Through the unique themes, we have consistently designed the most important parts of planetarium theaters so that visitors can enjoy the visiting experience.

Planetaria Yokohama Dome

Manten Nagoya Dome

Manten Nagoya foyer and gift shop