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First "Media Globe Σ" installed in Kazo Miraikan

The first installation of the newest digital planetarium series “Media Globe Σ (Sigma)” has been installed in Kazo Miraikan, a science center located in Saitama prefecture, Japan.
On March 22nd 2015, Kazo Miraikan reopened after renovation installing the newest digital planetarium “Media Globe Σ 4.8KSE”. Other than renewing the planetarium projector, the dome is now equipped with a double-entry door, preventing light to leak into the dome when visitors need to enter or exit during the show in emergency cases. Family seats are newly organized without changing the seating layout, preparing a comfortable atmosphere. The replaced optical projector is now displayed in the lobby floor of the science center.
Kazo Miraikan planetarium serves visitors with the latest studies of our universe, our planet’s environment, Kazo’s local culture and many other digital features. The fulldome digital projection provides a spectacular environment, surrounding visitors with high-resolution images.

Kazo Miraikan

Projector Media Globe Σ 4.8KSE
Dome 8.5 meters, Horizontal
Seats 66 Seats
Address 350-1 Sotono, Kazo, Saitama 347-0002, Japan
Reference https://www.city.kazo.lg.jp/soshiki/bunka_gakushu/kazomiraikan/24360.html (Japanese only)

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