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In setting goals for CSR activities, Konica Minolta refers international guidelines including the UN Global Compact and ISO26000. The CSR Report, which consists of the pamphlet and the web-based information, is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core Option..


SICS Industry:Technology & Communications Sector HARDWARE

Product Security TC-HW-230a.1 Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks in products Enhancing the Security of Products and Services

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Providing Useful Products to Meet Social Needs > Security Functions for MFPs
Employee Diversity & Inclusion TC-HW-330a.1 Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic group representation for (1) management, (2) technical staff, and (3) all other employees ESG Data(Ref.Social Data)

To learn about Konica Minolta's initiatives for diversity and inclusion, click below.
Basic Concept and Vision of DEI
Product Lifecycle Management TC-HW-410a.1 Percentage of products by revenue that contain IEC 62474 declarable substances Management of Chemical Substances in Products > Compliance with IEC 62474

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Systems for Eliminating Chemical Substance Risks
  • Prior Risk Assessment of Chemical Substances
Green Procurement System
To check substances prohibited or controlled in Konica Minolta products, as outlined in the Green Procurement Guidelines, click below.
Environmental Labels and Certifications
  • Environmental Labels
Environmental Management System
  • Product Assessment System
TC-HW-410a.2 Percentage of eligible products, by revenue, meeting the requirements for EPEAT registration or equivalent Environmental Labels and Certifications
  • EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)

To read about how Konica Minolta incorporates environmentally friendly principles into product design, click below.
Environmental Management System
  • Product Assessment System
Turning Waste into High-Value Materials (High-Functionality Recycling)
  • Incorporating Resource Saving and Circular Economy Concepts in Products
Resource Conservation and Recycling in Production Operations
  • Promoting Resource Conservation and Recycling at Production Sites
Promoting Decarbonization in Distribution
  • Reconsidering Distribution Routes and Consolidating Logistics Facilities
  • Milk Run Logistics (Common Collection of Cargos)
Reduction of Use of Packaging Materials
Promoting Decarbonization with Products and Solutions
  • Energy Conservation in MFPs and Digital Printers
TC-HW-410a.3 Percentage of eligible products, by revenue, meeting ENERGY STAR® criteria Environmental Labels and Certifications
  • International Energy Star Program
TC-HW-410a.4 Weight of end-of-life products and e-waste recovered, percentage recycled ESG Data (Ref.Environmental Data > Resources)

For more information on product recycling initiatives, click below.
Recovery and Recycling of Used Products
Supply Chain Management TC-HW-430a.1 Percentage of Tier 1 supplier facilities audited in the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP) or equivalent, by (a) all facilities and (b) high-risk facilities Human Rights > Tracking Responses
  • Employees of Our Suppliers, Partners, and Others
Implementing CSR Procurement
  • CSR Assessments Using a Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • CSR Audits
TC-HW-430a.2 Tier 1 suppliers’ (1) non-conformance rate with the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP) or equivalent, and (2) associated corrective action rate for (a) priority non-conformances and (b) other non-conformances
Materials Sourcing TC-HW-440a.1 Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials Practicing Responsible Minerals Procurement > Framework for Initiatives
Turning Waste into High-Value Materials (High-Functionality Recycling)
  • Incorporating Resource Saving and Circular Economy Concepts in Product > High-Functionality Recycling That Increases the Value of Materials (Application of Recycled Materials)
Konica Minolta’s Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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