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Giving Shape to Ideas

Annual Report 2011

Medium Term Business Plan

Increasing Deployment Capability

Increasing the sensitivity to growth fields for quick responsiveness and steady growth.


The Group will work to enhance its sensitivity to a range of risks and possibilities in order to move with speed to capture business opportunities. The same holds for the speed with which we take action. Rather than spending lots of time on establishing businesses, the critical point here is the extent to which we can move with speed to reflect flexible management decision-making in business development.

Accelerating business development and bolstering development strength will be essential to this end. Sharp management decision-making will be applied to M&A and alliance opportunities as well.

Real Time Management

The ability to properly assess present conditions, coupled with decision-making skills based on a firm grasp of information, are integral to ensuring responsive management decision-making.

For this reason, the Konica Minolta Group is aiming for extensive data management that will take its corporate management to the next level. Specific efforts will entail improving supply chain management (SCM) optimization, extensive customer relationship management (CRM), and more robust pipeline management.

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