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Giving Shape to Ideas

Annual Report 2011

Medium Term Business Plan

Enhancing Profitability

Pursuing management that will generate profit in a changing environment.

Enhancing Profitability

Reformation of Product and Business Models

The Group is pursuing reform of its product development and business models to generate robust earnings in rapidly growing emerging markets and growth fields. Consequently, we seek to optimize development, production and services to match the features of target regions and products. Operational processes, including the flow of goods and information, will also be improved in a bid to enhance profitability.

Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement

Price competition is intensifying as companies in emerging markets continue to achieve substantial cost reductions on products. To win out in these circumstances, the Group is strengthening its cost competitiveness by moving to improve productivity through greater automation and labor-saving techniques, along with production technology innovation, in the production process. Lead times will also be shortened through continuous development process improvements.

Optimization of Sites and Operation

The Group is seeking to optimize manufacturing hubs and operation by utilizing development and production resources in China and India.

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