Toshiya Eguchi's photo

Toshiya Eguchi

Executive Vice President & Executive Officer
Responsible for Technologies
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Toshiya Eguchi joined Konica Corporation in 1989, where he engaged in digitalization of company-wide system products, including the development of system LSIs for photo printing equipment and office equipment (facsimiles and printers) and the system design of digital cameras and medical X-ray equipment. After the integration of Konica and Minolta, he was appointed Senior Manager of the Architecture Development Division of the System Solution Technology R&D Laboratories in 2010, responsible for developing the system architecture of digital MFPs, and later General Manager of the System Technology Development Center in charge of technical development for new business areas. In 2017, he was appointed Executive Officer and General Manager of IoT Service Platform Development Operations, and in 2021, Executive Vice President & Executive Officer Responsible for Technologies.

At present, he is responsible for technologies as well as the Design Center and the Corporate Intellectual Property Division. He leads the technology strategies of the entire Konica Minolta Group and trains AI/data science engineers in-house to drive initiatives to accelerate the business growth by creating new value in the evolving AI era.