Keisuke Ichijo's photo

Keisuke Ichijo

Senior Vice President & Executive Officer, Konica Minolta, Inc.
Representative Director and President, Konica Minolta Japan, Inc.

Keisuke Ichijo joined Konica Corporation in 1992 and was engaged in sales operations in Japan in the Healthcare Business. Subsequently, after working for the International Sales Division, he worked as an expatriate in Shanghai from 2004 and launched a healthcare sales company in China. He returned to Japan in 2008 and was responsible for launching the business of AeroDR, which is currently the main product of the Healthcare Business. In 2013, he was assigned to a healthcare sales company in the U.S. as senior vice president and gained experience of overseas business.

In 2017, Ichijo started to promote sales of digital products of the Healthcare Business at Konica Minolta Japan, Inc., the sales company in Japan. In 2020, he started to drive the growth of the Healthcare Business in Japan as president of the healthcare company of Konica Minolta Japan. In April 2023, he was appointed Representative Director and President of Konica Minolta Japan. He has also been responsible for the Business Technologies Business and the Sensing Business in addition to the Healthcare Business. He has been committed to supporting the true success of customers through value proposition and co-creation of value.

Ichijo was appointed Corporate Vice President in 2020, Corporate Senior Vice President in 2023, and Senior Vice President & Executive Officer in 2024.