Akiko Murayama's photo

Akiko Murayama

Senior Vice President & Executive Officer
Responsible for Board of Directors Office and Corporate Audit
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Akiko Murayama joined Konica Corporation in 1990. She engaged in planning operations in the overseas sales section of the photosensitive material business and supported major OEM customers and overseas sales subsidiaries.

After the management integration of Konica and Minolta in 2003, Murayama started to engage in product planning for the Business Technologies Business in 2006. Subsequently, she was temporarily transferred to the workers‘ union headquarters in 2010 to serve on the central executive committee.

In 2014, Murayama returned to the corporate audit section. She was appointed General Manager of the Corporate Audit Division in 2019, Corporate Vice President in 2021, and Corporate Senior Vice President in 2023. Since July 2022, she has been working to establish sustainable corporate governance and enhance internal control as an executive responsible for corporate audit while doubling as General Manager of the Board of Directors Office.

Murayama has been in the current position since April 2024.