Miwa Okamura's photo

Miwa Okamura

Senior Vice President & Executive Officer
Responsible for Corporate Communications and IR
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Miwa Okamura joined a precision machinery manufacturer in 1989 as a member of talent acquisition group. In 1990, she joined a pharmaceutical manufacturer. At the company she engaged in human resources, public relations, IR, budgeting, and procurement. She led the IR activity including promotion of communication with institutional investors. Under her leadership, the company won the “IR Grand Prix” at IR Awards 2009. Subsequently, she was transferred to the budget control group in Finance, where she led budgeting in the Americas, medium-term business plan, and investment appraisal to strengthen the basis for the financial and management plans. From 2012, she served as an expatriate responsible for budgeting in the U.S. From 2014, she was responsible for global indirect procurement with the aim to reduce the costs in IT, consultant, and R&D CROs, and reinforced the foundation of global procurement. Having joined a food manufacturer in 2018, she enhanced its corporate brand, established an IR function, organized a company-wide sustainability committee, built a sustainable organizational foundation from the viewpoint of procurement, human rights, product development, and the environment, and facilitated communication with stakeholders.

In 2022, Okamura joined Konica Minolta and was appointed Corporate Vice President. With the new equity story led by CEO, she formulated internal and external communication measures to gain the trust of stakeholders and enhance employees’ engagement. She has been in the current position since April 2024.