Hiroyuki Uemura's photo

Hiroyuki Uemura

Senior Vice President & Executive Officer
Responsible for Corporate Quality Management
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Hiroyuki Uemura joined Konica Corporation in 1994. He was involved in the launch of the new business of inkjet media. He also planned and developed photo systems and photo print services, and provided market support. After the management integration of Konica and Minolta, he provided market support for medical equipment and engaged in the development of application software for medical equipment. Subsequently, he strengthened the company-wide system development capabilities, including activities to strengthen software development capabilities across businesses.

From 2018, Uemura engaged in quality assurance in new businesses and tackled group-wide issues related to quality assurance. He was appointed Senior Manager of the New Business QA Division in 2019 and Senior Manager of the Corporate Quality Assurance Center in 2022. He supervised the establishment and deployment of group-wide systems for product security, service quality assurance, and AI quality assurance.

Uemura was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Quality Management Headquarters in 2023 and Senior Vice President & Executive Officer in 2024. As the top executive responsible for quality management of the Konica Minolta Group, he has been actively promoting initiatives to reduce group-wide quality risks and address common issues related to quality assurance in the Group.