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Support customers' DX and value creation through "Intelligent Connected Workplace" for various issues at sites in industries and businesses, such as offices, hospitals, logistics, and manufacturing

Digital Workplace Business has bizhub brand and mainly handles color and monochrome MFPs. This business is expanding its market share, particularly in emerging countries, where demand is expected to grow, and the colorized ratio is relatively low. The initiative is expected to drive market expansion.

A3 color MFPs: Top-class shares in the world

Share of the A3 color MFPs * by region


Colorized ratio 33%

Eastern Europe

Colorized ratio 64%


Colorized ratio 15%

Note: *A3 Color Laser MFP Market
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2022Q4, Share by Company

Why can Konica Minolta acquire a high market share in the world?
The shift of A3 MFPs from monochrome models to color ones is progressing around the world. In Europe and the United States, where the market is large and the growth potential of color models is high, we have focused on expanding our product lineup and expanding sales. As a result, we have gained a market position today.

One of the characteristics of our Digital Workplace Business is that the customer base is centered on small-and medium-sized companies.

In recent years, working style reforms have been demanded in all companies.
One of the key issue is to acquire and manage office documents, which are becoming digitalized progressively, and to ensure data security for the documents.

Many of our major customers, small-and medium-sized companies, face the challenges of IT deployment delay due to the shortage of IT personnel and expertise to manage digital data and security.

Accordingly, without increasing the number of IT security operations and administrators, we are developing MFPs, named bizhub series, and Workplace Hub as the products that can provide 1-stop services from the diagnosis, detection, analysis, handling, and maintenance of security threats.

The second characteristic is that our direct sales ratio is high in the area, where our competitors operate through dealers, by leveraging our affiliated companies and employees around the world.
The establishment of a system of direct sales enables us to propose issues and provide services closely, and to build strong relationships of trust with our customers.
Our established relationships of trust with customers have also led to an increase in the renewal rate of contracts, and we have been able to strengthen the profitability of Digital Workplace Business.

Furthermore, we provide Workplace hub equipped with servers as an IoT platform that can respond to a wide range of customers' needs flexibly.
Workplace hub enables a “hybrid format” that is a good practice for both on-premises and the cloud, and forms the basis of an IoT business that can respond to a wide range of needs flexibly, including customers’ system management, operational policies, and costs.
We provide solutions to the issues that customers do not notice even by themselves by digitizing all the various information in office (e.g., electronic data handled by PCs such as accounting systems, information on papers such as documents for meeting and invoices, as well as conversations, movements, health conditions, etc.) and analyzing them with the latest technology, such as AI.

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