Promote genetic diagnosis and drug discovery support service in an integrated manner in addition to diagnostic imaging and medical IT services. Provide value in the form of prevention of disease, early detection, early diagnosis, and drug discovery support.

Our strengths are in the films and imaging technologies that we have cultivated in the photographic film business. By focusing on the theme of "visualizing the invisible," we are developing the manufacturing and sales of medical diagnostic imaging systems that leverage cutting-edge image processing technology.
In addition, we are working on detecting personal risk utilizing genetic diagnosis and drug discovery support for pharmaceutical companies using proprietary image analysis techniques.

Digital Radiography (DR)

DR is a method or system that detects the distribution of X-ray’s intensity transmitted through the human body by X-ray imaging. It provides digital data by converting the distribution into digital signal that is processed by a computer.
We sell it under the brand name "AeroDR." AeroDR's strengths include high image quality, low exposure, the world's lightest weight, and high-speed view, which contribute to efficient diagnostic environment in hospitals.

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Diagnostic ultrasound system is featured as less burdensome to patients, and real time diagnosis. As a result, diagnostic ultrasound system is used in a wide range of clinical areas, and the market is expected to grow further.
Our brand “SONIMAGE” has achieved the highest level of resolution in the class, and we hold top shares in the orthopedic field, mainly in Japan.

Dynamic Digital Radiography

Dynamic digital radiography has the same principle as animation. It creates a video by exposing the pulse X-ray approximately 15 consecutive times in a second and continually displaying images.
Chest X-ray videos can derive actual movements and much information than conventional X-ray images.
In addition, CT or MRI take images with people lying on their back. However, because dynamic analysis can be performed in standing position, it has the advantage of being able to observe conditions close to the physical posture in daily life.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is a healthcare method that precisely groups individual patients by identifying each individual's genetic variation, protein, and other characteristics on a molecular basis, and uses cutting-edge technology to provide appropriate medication, treatment, and prevention.
Unlike conventional methods, precision medicine enables appropriate dosage and treatment by establishing diagnostics and disease prevention for each population according to the characteristics of them. As a result, it is attracting worldwide attention as a trump card for reducing national medical expenditures, which are expanding.
Appropriate medication considering individual characteristics also reduces side effects and contributes to improving patient QOL.
Drug discovery support accelerates pharmaceutical innovation by making pharmacological studies more efficient with discovery of effective biomarkers.
In addition, drug discovery support allows pharmaceutical companies to accurately predict the efficacy in their clinical trials and improves the effectiveness of new drug development by reducing the term and size of their clinical trials.

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