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Configuration Tool CM-CT1

Changes from previous versions

Changes from Ver. 1.10 to Ver. 1.20

System requirements:

  • Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit, 64-bit have been removed from the list of compatible OS.

Compatible instruments:

  • Spectrophotometer CM-25cG has been added to the list of compatible instruments.

Product specifications:

  • Settings which have been changed will be indicated by a * mark.
  • A Bluetooth® connection UI has been added to the connection screen.

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Time for writing settings to instrument has been improved.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

Changes from Ver. 1.00 to Ver. 1.10

Product specifications:

If firmware of CM-26dG/26d/25d is Ver. 1.10 or later:

  • If UV adjustment coefficients have been set on the CM-26dG/CM-26d, "UV control" has been added to the selectable items for UV Condition.
  • Ganz& Griesser indices "WI(Ganz)" and "Tint(Ganz)" and their differences have been added to the selectable items for Custom Items. (CM-26dG/CM-26d only)
  • Tolerances can be set for "ΔWI(Ganz)" and "ΔTint(Ganz)". (CM-26dG/CM-26d only)
  • The user illuminant name set on instrument will be shown.

All firmware versions:

  • When using Remote Control tab, screenshots of the instrument's LCD as shown in the software can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Target Protect can be switched on and off.
  • Target Filter settings can be set.

Bug fixes:

  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

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