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Important information regarding Thales HASP driver

Customers using Color Data Software SpectraMagic NX (Ver. 2.81 or earlier) or Color Data Software SpectraMagic DX (Ver. 1.21 or earlier) should update the HASP driver (software protection system driver from Thales Group) to Ver. 8.15 or later for improved security.
Click here for further information.

Download procedure

To download the desired software:

  1. Click on the link for the End User License Agreement for the desired software. (If there is no End User License Agreement link, click on the software title and go to step 3.)
  2. Read the End User License Agreement thoroughly. If you agree with this license, click [I Agree].
  3. Fill in the requested information in the Personal Information form that appears. Be careful that your email address is input correctly, since the download link will be sent to that email address.
  4. Click [Submit]. The personal information that you input will be shown for you to check.
  5. If the information is correct, click [Send].
  6. An email with the link to download the software you selected will be sent to the email address that you input in step 3. Click on the link in the email to download the software.

Ver. 3.40 (Combined Trial / Upgrade Edition)

  • Including UV Adjustment Software for CM-36dG/CM-36dGV
Compatible instruments
Spectrophotometers CM-36dG/36dGV/36d, CM-25cG,
CM-26dG/26d/25d, CM-3600A/3610A,
CM-3630, CM-3700A, CM-5,
CM-700d/600d, CM-2500c,
CM-2600d/2500d, CM-3500d,
CM-3600d/3610d, CM-3700d,
Chroma Meters CR-400/410, DP-400, CR-5
Spectrodensitometers FD-7/5

Upgrading: Customers who have purchased SpectraMagic NX can download the latest version free of charge. Before upgrading, please read the installation procedure.

Note: If the OS of the computer on which SpectraMagic NX is installed will be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, check the SpectraMagic NX version prior to upgrading the OS. If the SpectraMagic NX version is Ver. 2.6x or earlier, it cannot be used on Windows 10. Uninstall SpectraMagic NX before upgrading the OS, and then download and install the most recent version of SpectraMagic NX after upgrading the OS.

Trial Use: Customers who are considering the purchase of SpectraMagic NX can download the latest version and try it out for a 30-day trial period. After the trial period has ended, a license (protection key) should be purchased to continue using SpectraMagic NX. (If no license is purchased, only very limited functionality will be available after the trial period has expired.)

Languages available:
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean

Ver. 1.30

Compatible instruments
Spectrophotometers CM-26dG/26d/25d, CM-25cG

Configuration Tool CM-CT1 can be used to connect the Spectrophotometer CM-26dG, CM-26d, CM-25d or CM-25cG to a computer for performing the following functions:

  • Setting of main instrument settings (excluding some unit-specific settings)
  • Data output
  • Setting of calibration data
  • Remote control of instrument

Ver. 1.28 (Combined Trial / Upgrade Edition)

Compatible instruments Spectrophotometer CM-M6

Customers who have purchased SpectraMagic DX can download the installer for latest version of the software here.
Customers who have not yet purchased a license can try out SpectraMagic DX for a limited trial period.

Languages available:
English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese (Selectable after installation)

Ver. 1.00

This utility software is used to set up the Bluetooth Module CM-A219 for the Spectrophotometer CM-M6.

Languages available:

This software can be used to connect the Spectrophotometer CM-2500d / CM-2600d to a PC. Measurement data obtained with the Spectrophotometer can be output to an Excel spreadsheet or in text format.

Languages available:

Ver. 1.03

This is the latest version of the driver for the USB-Serial Converter Cable (IF-A24 for Spectrophotometer CM-2600d, CM-2500d, and CM-2500c; CR-A105 for Chroma Meter CR-400 and CR-410).
For installation procedures, please refer to the instruction manual included in the download zip file.

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Windows® 10 Pro 32-bit, 64-bit

Note: Users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 may use the software by installing the previous version "IF-A24_CR-A105_Setup.exe", included in the “Win8.1_7" folder in the downloaded zip file.

Ver. 1.20

Customers who have purchased the CM-512m3A can download the latest version of the User Calibration Software CM-S20w. User Calibration Software CM-S20w is included as a standard accessory with the CM-512m3A.

Languages available:
English, Simplified Chinese

Ver. 1.00

This software can be used to connect the Gloss Meter Multi Gloss 268A, Uni Gloss 60A, Uni Gloss 60CT, and Uni Gloss 60S to a computer.

Languages available:
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

Ver. 1.12

Customers who have purchased the Spectrodensitometer FD-7 or FD-5 can download Data Management Software FD-S1w free of charge.
Data Management Software FD-S1w offers the following functions:

  • Transfer of measurement data from the FD-7 or FD-5 to Excel® immediately after measurement.
  • Registration of color sets (see below) in the FD-7 or FD-5 for the instrument’s ISO Check (ISO 12467) and Target Match functions.
  • Storage of light source data measured with the FD-7 as a computer file and registration of that data as User Illuminant on other FD-7 or FD-5 instruments.

Languages available:
English, Simplified Chinese

Color Set Files

Customers using Data Management Software FD-S1w can download the latest color set data files. The data in these files can then be registered on the FD-7 or FD-5 using Data Management Software FD-S1w.
The following color set groups are available:
GRACoL, ISO12647, Japan Color, PSO, SWOP

  • These color set files were last updated in June 2013 and are the same as the files installed with Data Management Software FD-S1w Ver. 1.10 or later.

Windows: Ver. 1.60
OS X / macOS: Ver. 1.61

Customers who have purchased the Auto Scan Spectrophotometer FD-9 can download Measurement Utility Software FD-S2w free of charge.
Measurement Utility Software FD-S2w offers the following functions:

  • Scanning of color charts using the FD-9 and display of measurement data (spectral data, colorimetric data, and density data) for each color patch on the scanned color charts.
  • Calculation of colorimetric measurement data under user illuminants using user illuminant data uploaded from the Spectrophotometer CL-500A or Spectrodensitometer FD-7.(User illuminant data can be measured using the Spectrophotometer CL-500A or Spectrodensitometer FD-7.
  • Measurement of charts for adjustment of density balance and color density control on specific models of KONICA MINOLTA bizhub PRESS series printers. (Customers owning a Spectrodensitometer FD-5 BT or FD-5 BT2 can also download this software free of charge in order to use this function.)

Languages available:
English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish

Ver. 2.00

Customers who have purchased Color Management Software basICColor series Catch can download these templates and use them with Catch.

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