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Color Data Software SpectraMagic DX

Installing the software

Color Data Software SpectraMagic DX is available in 32-bit and 64-bit edition. Select the appropriate edition for your computer system, and click on the corresponding End User License Agreement button above.

  • The 32-bit edition can be installed only on computer systems with 32-bit editions of Windows, and the 64-bit edition can be installed only on computer systems with 64-bit editions of Windows.
  • If you are using a previous version of SpectraMagic DX, please uninstall the old SpectraMagic DX before installing the new one. (See installation Guide for more detail.)

System requirements for the latest version of SpectraMagic DX are listed after the Installation procedure.

Installation procedure

  1. Save the download file (for example, smdx_verxxx_32bit_all.zip, where "xxx" is the version number) to a folder on your computer.
  2. Extract the files in the downloaded zip file to a folder on your computer.
  3. Open the Installation Guide (SpectraMagicDX_InstallGuide_multi.pdf) in the files extracted in step 1.
  4. Follow the procedure described in the Installation Guide for installing SpectraMagic DX.

For information on using the software, refer to the Instruction Manual which will be installed in the same folder as the software and can be accessed from the Start menu. (Start : KONICA MINOLTA : SpectraMagic DX : SpectraMagic DX Manual).

System Requirements

Operating System Windows® 10 Pro 32-bit, 64-bit
Windows® 11 Pro
(English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese versions of the above OS)
Note: The hardware of the computer system must meet or exceed the greater of the recommended system requirements for the compatible OS being used or the following specifications.
Computer PC equipped with a processor equivalent to Intel Core i5 2.7GHz or better
Memory At least 2 GB (4 GB or more recommended)
Hard disk drive 20 GB of available hard disk space
At least 10 GB of available disk space is required on the system drive (drive where the OS is installed) for database.
Display Display unit capable of showing at least 1280 × 768 pixels / 16-bit color or better
  • One free USB port for protection key if used. Not necessary for electronic license.
  • One free port (serial port or additional USB port) for connection with instrument

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