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Minimize the Risk of Accidents


A highly compressed gas leak at a compressor station can quickly become a major problem. However, these explosion causing leaks are initially too small for detection by a conventional OGI camera. Heat/Steam from compressor operations can make gas leaks difficult to identify.


The GMP02 (our OGI system) can detect minute gas leaks and visualize abnormal operations with the thermal feature. As a result, leaks can be quickly repaired, and the workers and facility’s safety are assured, while the company's reputation is protected.

Key Products Features

Clear Visualization

The GMP02 recognizes a gas cloud by its unique characteristics.Non-gas interference and noise are automatically minimized allowing for the gas cloud to be more distinctive.

*Pictures are taken by conventional type GMP01 (no difference from GMP02)

Find the Signs of Accident

Internal system status appears as a thermally distributed view.

*Uneven thermal distribution at compressor B suggests a possibility of irregular wear and potential future malfunction of compressor B.

Compressor A

Compressor B

Maximize Capacity Utilization

Optimize the maintenance schedule
to maximize your production capacity.