Gas leak detection camera system

-OOOOa compliant
-Certified as AIMM by Colorado State Gov't

Why GMP02?

Multiple image modes

Inspect the facility from differing perspectives and learn more about a facility's status.

Auto-reduction of noise

The GMP02 reduces non-gas interference (noise), to provide the inspector with clearer imagery.

Infrared Technology

The GMP02 *

High Detectability : Unique image processing and noise reduction

Leaks are quickly and accurately identified, even from long range. This can include complex equipment, operating under high temperatures, which would otherwise be difficult to notice.

Enhanced Portability

With its lightweight body and image stabilization function, the camera can be carried and inspected in a hand-held state. A higher degree of freedom to inspect in confined spaces, such as narrow compressor stations or the top of a tank, is now available.

Large screen display with Wi-Fi connectivity

Connect your tablet, smartphone, or other smart device as an additional display. With this capability, the potential exists for a safety-conscious approach to monitoring a leak.

Data management service

Inspection data is saved and managed on the secure cloud. Check facility inspection progress by reviewing inspection history. Quickly and easily trace the past inspection record for a specific facility.

Implementation of Quantification

With the option to connect an additional display device and mounting on a tripod, the capability exists to estimate a flow rate for a gas plume. Quantification can be indispensable for reporting GHG emissions and prioritizing specific maintenance work orders.

User-friendly interface

Switching between display screens and recording, can be executed smoothly and seamlessly, even with work gloves on. The comfortable side-grip and button design layout allow for relaxed field operation.

Top side
Left side
Right side

Easier data management

Inspection results can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world.

*Pictures are taken by conventional type GMP01 (no difference from GMP02)

General Description

・The GMP02 is an OGI system that displays hydrocarbon gas leaks on a connected tablet.
・Verified to be compliant with the requirements of OOOOa* by the National Physical Laboratory**.
・Certified as an Approved Instrument Monitoring Method (AIMM) by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
・The inspection tablet is a durable Toughpad made by Panasonic.

*EPA New Source Performance Standards 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOOa.

**National Physical Laboratory is the national standards measurement laboratory for the United Kingdom.

Inspection Data Manager

Learn about our software application.