Inspection Data Manager

Software application

Browse the inspection data acquired by the GMP02 and gain insight into the operational status of your equipment.

What you can do with the GMP02

・Check Work Progression

Inspection and repair work progression checks
can be done from the office.

・Analyze Operational Status

Comparing inspection history, the progression of
the operational status of equipment can be confirmed.

・Streamline Data Management

Inspection data can be easily accessed
and provided for regulator review and audits.

System Features

Data Tagging
Inspection information
for each video appears.

Leak Map
The location of the leaking facility
appears on a map.

Easy search
Specific info can be accessed
and retrieved based on location.

Video Comparison
Find a sign of future accidents
by comparing past inspection videos.

What does our inspection video look like?

Watch a sample video taken by the GMP02.