Inspection Data Manager

Software application

The Inspection Data Manager can store the inspection video and
data acquired by the GMP01 and will provide an analytical insight of
the operational status of equipment.

How can our technology optimize your operations?

Check Inspection/Repair Work Progression

Inspection progression checks can be done from the office.

Operational Analysis

Comparing inspection history, a time frame can be established for the progressive operational status of equipment.

Streamline Recordkeeping

Inspection data can be easily accessed and provided for regulatory agency review and audits.

How the Inspection Data Manager works

Our integrated camera/cloud service solution provides insight into facility status on and off site.

1.Record Inspection

Record the inspection with the GMP01 and
tag info on the tablet.

2.Upload data to the cloud

Video and data are tagged and saved to
the cloud.

3.Analyze Data

Once uploaded to the cloud, data can be accessed remotely via the Inspection Data Manager.

Data Tagging
Inspection info is tagged and viewable on the Inspection Data Manager.

Easy search
Specific info can be accessed and retrieved based on location.

Leak Map
Inspection results can be viewed on a map, displaying
which facilities are leaking.

Cloud Storage
Data is saved and managed on the cloud, storage capacity is unrestricted.

What does our inspection video look like?

Watch a sample video taken by the GMP01.