Stable operation is achieved via four values


Minimize the risk of accidents


Maximize capacity utilization


Improve maintenance quality


Streamline regulatory compliance workflow


Minimize the Risk of Accidents

Lower the risk of accidents by detecting early signs of a potential failure.

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Maximize Capacity Utilization

Optimize the maintenance schedule to maximize your production capacity.

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Improve Maintenance Quality

Determine the best and most effective repair method based on past inspection and repair history.

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Streamline Regulatory Compliance Workflow

Efficiently organize and manage inspection data.

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Each Role Benefits

Field Worker

  • Inspectors can easily and safely perform gas leak inspections.
  • Repair workers can learn the best repair method, reducing training time.

Inspection Manager

  • Inspection progression can be tracked and analyzed.
  • Inspection accuracy is increased.
  • Inspection schedule is easily established from past history.


  • Regulatory compliant recordkeeping becomes simpler.
  • Inspection data can be quickly sourced and provided to regulators upon their request.


  • Accident risk is lowered
  • Operating capacity is increased
  • Maintenance cost is lowered.

How we promote safe and stable operations

Our integrated camera/cloud service provides insight regarding facility status, on and off site.

①Record inspection videos

The GMP01 visualizes real-time facility status
on the spot.

②Upload data to cloud

Once the inspection data is uploaded to
the cloud, it can be easily browsed and accessed from anywhere in the world.

③Analyze data

The Inspection Data Manager provides deeper insight by comparing past inspection and
repair history.

What's GMP01?

Find out what is so special about KONICA MINOLTA's OGI system.