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Lightweight, compact desktop-type CR. Offering rich specifications, this entry-model CR can be used for small facilities and specific departments such as emergency rooms.

  • Desktop Mono-slot Reader (25/45/60 plates/h)
  • Selectable Resolution 87.5 / 175 μm
  • Ultra compact, 0.31 m2 / 28 kg
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy Maintenance

Desktop a Single-slot Reader

Entry-model desktop CR with rich specifications. The processing capacity can be selected from 60 /45 /25 plates per hour according to the needs of the facility.
The reading pixel size can be selected from 87.5 /175 μm for each exposed body part, as with the higher model.

Desktop a Single-slot Reader

Ultra compact, 0.31 m2 / 28 kg

As lightweight, compact desktop CR, with a footprint of 0.31 m2 and a weight is 28 kg. It can be installed anywhere in small hospitals and clinics with limited space.

REGIUS SIGMA 2 is Ultra compact, it is need only 0.31 m2.

Environmentally friendly

Due to its small size, it achieves a low power consumption of only 100 VA (about 1/10 or less that of a medical film processor), providing a power-saving design with excellent running costs.

Environmentally friendly

REGIUS ΣⅡ+ImagePilot

REGIUS ΣⅡ+ImagePilot for Vet

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