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MSK New Video

2 July, 2021 <NEW>

We opened the leaning videos contents the basic of MSK ultrasound.

New Technology contencts June, 2021

16 June, 2021 <NEW>

We posted technology contents of "Tube and Gzuze image enhancement", "Images with lung field deficiency" and "Intelligent Grid".

NYSORA New Video

20 May, 2021

New NYSORA Nerve Block Training Video are opened.

New Techonolgy contents March, 2021

10 March, 2021

We posted techonology contents of "Realism" and "Dynamic Digital radiography(DDR)".


5 March, 2021

NYOSRA Nerve Block Training Videos are opend.

New Technology contents February, 2021

19 February, 2021

We posted techonolgy contents of "iXRET" for Ultrasound.

New Case Study

12 February, 2021

We posted case study of Bone suppression imaging for AeroDR NS.

Global Network Pages Renewed

10 February, 2021

We have added a Business field(s) to make it easier for customers to search.

New Case Study

25 January, 2021

We posted case study of "AeroDR 3 / CS-7" of Balimed hospital.

New Technology contents

25 January, 2021

We posted technology contents "Dual Sonic" and "Vascular NAVI" for Ultrasound.


New Technology contents

11 December, 2020

We posted techonolgy contents of "T2HI" and "SNV" for Ultrasound.

The RSNA 106th Annual Meeting will be held virtually November 29, 2020 to December 5, 2020.

25 November, 2020

Konica Minolta Healthcare will be hosting a series of webinars and live demos during the RSNA meeting and we invite you to join us via our virtual platform at for an in-depth look at our latest healthcare solutions and services.
Regarding how they may join the platform, they may click on the link or enter the URL address into their web browser.

We changed the view of global network of Asia Pacific.

20 November, 2020

We have added a Businesss field (s) field to make it easier for customers to search.

New Healthcare website

20 August, 2020

New Healthcare website

Our Global website was renewed on August 20th.

Our Response to COVID-19 to our products

30 April, 2020

Notice on Konica Minolta’s Response to COVID-19

15 April, 2020



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