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eXtended Resolution Enhancement Technology

  • iXRET improves resolution while maintaining frame rate

iXRET achieves higher image quality

iXRET improves resolution while maintaining frame rate.
Konica Minolta's original image processing technology achieves improved resolution of ultrasound images acquired with fewer acoustic lines while suppressing artifacts, which have been an issue with conventional real-time performance enhancement techniques. From received signals obtained by scanning low-density ultrasonic beam, it is possible to get signals equivalent to the received signal at twice the scanning density without losing real-time.

Effects of iXRET

iXRET can be used in both B-mode and Color Flow (Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Simple Clear Flow) images. Below are clinical images showing the effects of iXRET.

B-mode image

The degradation of resolution in deeper areas is suppressed by iXRET. The degradation is caused by the widening of the ultrasound beam spacing. For example, iXRET maintains clear visibility of the liver parenchyma at depth.

B-mode image

SCF-mode image

iXRET makes it easier to observe fine blood flow. For example, peripheral blood flow in the kidney can be viewed clearly.

SCF-mode image

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