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Intelligent Grid

Intelligent Grid

This is the image processing to improve contrast which is affected by scattered radiation without a grid.
This function provides easy workflow, the operator need not carry the grid to perform a exam.

Intelligent Grid is an image processing option that improves image quality by removing scattered radiation from the acquired image to emulate the effect achieved with a physical grid. This function simplifies workflow by eliminating the need to carry grids. Intelligent Grid simulated 3:10/6:1/8:1 grid rations.

Tube and Gauze

<Target Areas>

  • Head (PA/AP, LAT, towne, Zygoma)
  • Acoustic organ
  • Neck (PA/AP, LAT, oblique)
  • C-Spine (PA/AP, LAT, oblique)
  • Chest (PA/AP, LAT)
  • T-Spine (PA/AP, LAT)
  • L-Spine (PA/AP, LAT, oblique)
  • Abdomen (PA/AP, LAT)
  • Cystography
  • Finger bone
  • Tarsal bone
  • Thorax (Sternum, Ribs)
  • Phalanges
  • Toe bone
  • Ped. Chest (PA/AP, LAT)
  • Infant (chest and abdomen)
  • Newborn (chest and abdomen)

Depending on the version of CS-7, the target areas is different.

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