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Positioning i*1
"Positioning decision support function"

AI*2 supports general radiography operations. Two positioning decision support functions help reduce re-radiographing of patients, improve medical safety, and increase operational efficiency.

Positioning accuracy judgment

AI detects the amount of deviation in key positioning points.This function supports decisions on re-radiography.

AI detects the amount of deviation in the key area and displays the judgment as one of three levels: A (Acceptable), B (Tolerable), and C (Re-radiography must be considered).
By providing reference information in cases where it is difficult to make decisions on re-radiography, this function helps optimize the re-radiography rate and shorten the decision-making time.

Judgment A: Acceptable
Judgment B: Tolerable
Judgment C: Re-radiography must be considered
-> Alert

Appropriate re-radiography criteria, shorter decision-making time.

Detection of the difference between right and left subjects

AI detects inconsistencies between orders and images. This function prevents you from misidentifying the left and right body parts.

This function detects the left and right body parts from images. If an image is judged to be different from the order in terms of left and right, an alert is issued. This prevents the reading of unintended images and contributes to medical safety.

For prevention of diagnosis of an image that differs from the order, and for re-radiography of patients before sending them home.

*1This function is available only for DR imaging.

*2Deep learning, one of the AI technologies, is used in the design. The performance or accuracy of this function does not automatically vary after installation.
When judgment results are displayed by the positioning decision support function or the left/right judgment support function, please be sure to check the images before performing re-radiography.

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