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Vascular NAVI

  • "Vascular NAVI" achieves easy to use vascular ultrasound.
    It improves the vascular ultrasound workflow by significantly reducing operating steps of Color/PW Doppler and blood flow volume measurement
  • Automatically sets various parameters that suitable for blood flow evaluation by pressing Color/PW Doppler mode Start button or Simple Adjust button
  • Blood flow volume can be measured easily with the automatic assistance of blood vessel wall detection

Vascular NAVI achieves easy to use vascular ultrasound

Konica Minolta has developed "Vascular NAVI", a new technology that simplifies vascular ultrasound to reduce the burden on operators. When using the Vascular NAVI, the following parameters are automatically adjusted when the Color/PW Doppler mode is started or when the 'Simple Adjust' button is pressed.
The adjustment items are listed as follows:

Color Doppler mode
・Steer Angle
・ROI Position

PW Doppler mode
・Steer Angle
・Sample Volume Position
・Sample Volume Size
・Angle Correction
・Flow Velocity Scale

As shown in the figure below, when Color/PW Doppler mode is activated, the optimum position is detected from the entire image and various parameters are automatically adjusted (a). On the other hand, if you move the color ROI or Sample Volume to the position you want to measure using the touch operation, press the 'Simple Adjust' button at that position and it will automatically adjust the parameters. Thus, you can easily set the optimum setting depending on the position you want to examine (b).

Vascular NAVI achieves Easy to use vascular ultrasound

Workflow improvements with Vascular NAVI

Vascular NAVI achieves objective evaluation and reduction of inspection time by automatically setting various parameters and significantly reducing the conventional complicated operation steps. When measuring blood flow volume, measurement cursors are displayed near the proximal and distal walls of the blood vessel. After confirming the position, press the 'Set' button to calculate the blood flow volume automatically. If an unintended position is detected, you can correct smoothly by pressing the 'Set' button after correcting the position.

Vascular NAVI achieves Easy to use vascular ultrasound
Vascular NAVI achieves Easy to use vascular ultrasound

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