Plastic Lenses

We have established an integrated production system backed by our world-leading track record in optical disc pickup lenses, with microfabrication and molding technologies that enable ultra-precision molds and an advanced quality evaluation system. We can meet any request from design to production, and provide a wide variety of products, such as ultra-precision, large to small diameter, ultra-low profile, high-NA (numerical aperture), diffraction, lens array, and free-form surfaces.

Examples of products we offer

Plastic Lens Results

Plastic lens for Automotive
Thin, large-aperture lens for VR/AR

Konica Minolta can provide high-quality plastic lenses of various sizes and shapes to meet the optical design requirements of our customers.
Product examples: Ultra-low birefringent lenses for VR, automotive imaging lenses, optical communication lenses, pickup lenses, projector lenses, interchangeable camera lenses

Examples of product specifications

Shape error: 1 um or less
Lens outer diameter: 1 to 50 mm
Dimensional accuracy: ±1 um or less
Surface decenter: 1 um or less

Surface Microdiffraction Geometry

Our microfabrication and molding technologies enable us to create microscopic shapes on lens surfaces at the several-um level. This allows us to provide not only spherical lenses but also aspherical and free-form surfaces.
As an application example, the diffraction geometry can be used to control the position of the focus point for each wavelength or provide an anti-reflective function to the structure.

Examples of product specifications

Please refer to the technical details page for available precisions and specifications.

Ultracompact Lenses

Lens dimensions: 1 mm x 1 mm (t=0.5 mm)

We also offer small lenses. This photo shows an ultra-small thin lens of 1 mm square and 0.5 mm thickness. With such a small size, gate cutting and handling after molding are also issues; however, we offer the best total delivery style, including thin-film coating.


Optical surfaces  Spherical, aspherical, free-form, DOE (diffractive), cylindrical, lens array, etc.

Outer shapes    Circular, rectangular, irregular (I-cut, D-cut, etc.) 

Coatings       AR coating, reflective coating, hydrophobic coating, hydrophilic coating, various functional coatings

Assembly      Can be supplied as a lens unit through optical design and mechanism design

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