Our Technologies

Since our founding, Konica Minolta has cultivated various production technologies while manufacturing units from advanced optical design technologies and components. In recent years, the company has evolved and applied its technologies upstream in the value chain to manufacture a wide variety of products.

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Droplet glass mold technology

Droplet glass mold technology
Unique technology that creates lens shapes directly from molten glass droplets, providing shapes and quality not possible with ordinary glass molds

Various thin membrane technologies

Various thin membrane technologies
Technology for depositing thin films of several nm to several μm on the surfaces of optical components to provide anti-reflection, bandpass, improved durability, etc.

Hybrid lens manufacturing technology

Hybrid lens manufacturing technology
Technology for producing lenses with a high degree of geometric freedom with excellent environmental resistance and thermal stability by molding resin layers on glass lenses

Free-form surface manufacturing technology

Free-form surface manufacturing technology
Technology for forming non-axial target shapes that cannot be expressed by simple mathematical formulas, contributing to a reduction in the number of parts, downsizing of products, and improvement of optical performance

Special optical design and evaluation technology

Special optical design and evaluation technology
In addition to conventional lens optical design, complex design using polarization, diffraction, and free-form surfaces is also available. High-precision simulations prevent defects before they occur.

Core Technology

We fulfill true needs of customers with advanced technologies combining design, manufacturing, and evaluation. Our motto is “To provide the Best Products at the Best Timing”, and all of our divisions work closely together sharing information and focusin

Material evaluations

Ceaselessly seeking for the most advanced materials and most effective application, we apply strict evaluation and selection processes.

  • Resins for optical elements
  • Glass materials for polishing
  • Special optical materials
  • Metals for mechanical components
  • Surface treatment materials
  • Glass materials for molding
  • Resins for mechanical components
  • Molding materials
  • Adhesives


We strive to create the best products, based on the latest research results and years of experience.

Lens design

Aspherical lenses for optical disk drives / Compact camera lenses / Camcorder zoom lenses Digital camera lenses / Closed circuit TV lenses / Lenses for office equipments Lenses for projector systems / Lenses for industrial devices Near field optical ele

Optical system design

Optical finder systems / Auto-focus optical systems / Laser beam printer systems Optical systems for optical disk systems / LCD backlight systems

Plastic lens shape design
Mechanical design

Camera lenses / Camcorder zoom lenses
Optical pickups for optical disk drives

Magnetic circuit design

Electrical circuit design

Control circuit design

ASIC design

Software/hardware design


We create innovative products using the world's most advanced technologies.

  • Aspherical surface machining for plastic molding
  • Aspherical surface machining for glass molding
  • Glass polishing
  • Glass lens molding
  • Sputtering
  • Lens mold machining
  • Flat optical element machining for mold
  • Plastic lens molding
  • Vacuum evaporation
  • Ion plating

Measurement and evaluation

We develop and incorporate our own advanced measurement and evaluation technologies to achieve maximum performance and quality.

  • Measurement and evaluation of optical parameters
  • Measurement and evaluation of aspherical surfaces
  • Evaluation of optical performance
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) evaluations
  • Birefringence evaluations
  • System evaluations

Production engineering

We strive for unwavering quality and high productivity to meet market demands.

  • Automation and energy saving systems for molding processes
  • Automation and energy saving systems for assembly processes
  • Automated inspection systems
  • Logistics systems
  • Process management systems

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