Spectroradiometer Software CS-S30

Installing the software

System requirements for the latest versions of PC Software for Spectroradiometer CS-S30 are listed after the Installation procedure.

  • Be sure to log in to the PC as a user with Administrator privileges to install this software.
  • A User Account Control dialog will be displayed several times during installation of the software and the drivers. Click [Continue] for each dialog.

Installation procedure: Windows

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Download the installer (cs-s30_verxxx_win_multi.zip) from the URL above. (“xxx” indicates the version number.)
  3. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file. Verify the destination folder for the extracted files.
  4. Double-click the extracted setup file (setup.exe). The installation program will start.
    • The installation program will examine the PC being used. It may take several minutes for this process to be completed and for the setup dialog to be displayed.
  5. A dialog box for selecting the language to use during setup will be displayed.
    • Select the language to use during installation. To select a different language, click on the currently selected language and select the desired language from the displayed pull-down menu. .
  6. The installation program may notify you of the need to install Microsoft components. If this occurs, the installation of the necessary components will begin automatically.
    • Agreement to the licenses for the necessary components being installed will be required.
    • The PC may need to be restarted. In such cases, restart the PC and proceed from Step 1 above.
    • Installation may take a long time (10 minutes or more).
  7. Read through the software license agreement and select “Accept” and “Next” to agree and continue with the installation.
  8. Verify the installation destination folder. To use the selected folder for installation, click [Next].
    • To change the destination folder, click [Browse...], specify the desired folder, and then click [OK].
  9. Select whether to create desktop icons using the appropriate checkbox. Click [Next].
  10. Verify the settings and click [Install] to begin installation.
    • Installation may take several minutes. Do not perform any other operations on the PC during installation.
  11. Finalize installation. Click [Finish].

Installation Procedure: macOS

  1. Download the installer (cs-s30_verxxx_mac_multi.dmg) from the URL above. (“xxx” indicates the version number.)
  2. Double-click the downloaded DMG file. The CS-S30 drive will be displayed.
  3. Double-click “setup.pkg.” The installation program will start.
  4. Click [Continue].
  5. Read through the license agreement and click [Continue]. A confirmation dialog box will be displayed. Click [Agree] to agree to the conditions and continue with the installation.
  6. Set the destination for installing the software. Click [Change Install Location...] to change the destination as necessary.
  7. Click [Install]. Copying of the files will begin. This may take several minutes. You will be asked to enter the password for the PC to permit installation.
  8. Finalize installation. Click [Close].

When starting this software for the first time, a screen that guides you to install Rosetta may appear.In that case, click [Install] to install Rosetta. During the process, you will be asked to enter a password to authorize the installation.After installing Rosetta, start this software again.

System Requirements

Spectroradiometer Software CS-S30

OS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit(×64)
Windows 11 Pro
macOS Big Sur
macOS Catalina
macOS Monterey
macOS Ventura
(macOS must support Universal 2.)
The required PC system configuration is the recommended configuration for the operating system above or the specifications below (whichever is more advanced).
PC PC with a processor at least as advanced as the Intel® Core™ i Series
PC with a processor at least as advanced as the Apple Silicon M1 chip (PC with Apple Silicon native support)
Memory 4 GB or more
Hard disk drive At least 100 MB of free space.
At least 50 MB of the hard disk's free space needs to be on the system drive(the drive where the operating system is installed).
Display resolution Must support at least 1,280 × 768 pixel, 16 bit color display
Other USB port supporting at least USB 2.0 is needed for instrument connection

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