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CRI Illuminance Meter CL-70F Firmware Update

Changes from previous version

Changes from Ver. 11 to Ver. 12

Bug fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Problem in which abnormal measurement values were displayed when measurements were taken with low battery power (near the level where the battery capacity indicator blinks).
  • Problem in which the battery capacity indicator did not blink even just before the point at which meter functions would be stopped due to low battery power.
  • Problem in which touch panel operation could continue to be performed even when the battery capacity indicator was blinking.
  • Problem in which the auto power off timer did not reset even when the measuring button was pressed while waiting in cordless flash mode.
  • Problem in which firmware update stopped partway through. (If the firmware update stops partway through even after updating to Ver. 12, update the CL-SU1w Utility Software to Ver. 1.02 or later before updating the firmware.)

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