Optics Technology

Giving Shape to Ideas

Lens Unit for Camera

Konica Minolta optical lens units with applications in a diversity of fields

Providing the reliable technique based on the long experience of producing the camera

Optics Company provides various types of lens units for the rapidly growing digital still camera market. Anticipating the needs of the era, we develop and produce lens units that offer superb image with high resolution, compact and slim design, and high performance in high zoom ratio, which the market demands. Maintaining strict attention to picture quality, we use plastic, hybrid, and glass-molded aspherical lenses to respond quickly to changes in the market.

Main Products

  • Lens for CCD sensor and C-MOS sensor
  • Retractable type,fixed focal length type,  refractor optics type  (with image stabilization function)


Planning & Sales Department, High-Integrated Devices Business Promotion Division, Optical Component Business Unit

2970 Ishikawa-machi,Hachiouji-shi Tokyo 192-8505, Japan

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