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Customer Satisfaction and Product Safety

Key Action Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results Fiscal 2016 Targets and Plans
1) Number of serious product-related accidents*1: 0
2) Improve quality throughout the product lifecycle*2
1) Number of accidents: 0
2) Improved quality throughout the product lifecycle*2
• In addition to the original product safety education, a program to improve risk assessment was implemented.
• In the Business Technologies Business, NPS indicators*3 were measured globally, and measures integrating development, production and sales were implemented based on customer feedback.
• The CR Master Program was started in the Business Technologies Business.
• Number of serious product-related accidents*1: 0
• Risk assessment practice: 12 times/year
Set indicators measuring customer relationship strength for each business
Serious accidents refer to those accidents that cause serious harm to the product user’s life and/or body and accidents that cause serious damage to assets other than the product.
Product lifecycle: All processes from product planning, development, and material procurement, to production, sales, service, and disposal.
The NPS (net promoter score) indicator measures the percentage of recommendations of companies, products and services made to other people

Responsible Supply Chain

Key Action Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results Fiscal 2016 Targets and Plans
• Request that suppliers practice CSR
• Conduct CSR assessments and audits
• Clarify support programs for suppliers
• Clarify incentive programs for suppliers
• Requested that suppliers practice CSR
• CSR assessments were carried out on 16 Group manufacturing sites and 57 business partners
• Improvements were made at one Group manufacturing site based on the results of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) third-party audit
• A Konica Minolta CSR audit was implemented at one business partner
• Education was provided on the background of CSR procurement, codes of behavior and audit standards
CSR procurement
• Request that business partners carry out CSR activities: 100% implementation
• CSR assessment: Complete assessments of all 20 Group production sites and about 130 important business partners by the end of fiscal 2016
• CSR audit: Complete audits of three particularly important Group production bases and two particularly important business partners by the end of fiscal 2016
• Expanded CSR activities to logistics partners CSR logistics
• CSR assessment: Assess eight logistics partners and complete improvements by the end of fiscal 2016
• Proper information disclosure
• Further improve the response rate and response accuracy for conflict mineral surveys
• Appropriate disclosure of information in response to customer inquiries
• Improved business partners’ response rate to 99% in conflict mineral surveys in the Business Technologies Business
Response to conflict mineral issues
• Response to customers’ request for surveys: 100% response

Human Capital

Key Action Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results Fiscal 2016 Targets and Plans
• Initiatives to reduce working hours
• Support for balancing work and childcare
• Prohibited overtime past 8 pm in principle (Konica Minolta, Inc.)
• 67 employees took childcare leave with a 100% rate of return from childcare leave
• Promotion of Work-style Reform Project Pursued with the following four task teams
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Optimize workplace
  • Promote sharing and utilization of information
  • Set rules for improvements to operations
• Conduct a global employee attitude survey
• Run programs for systematically developing senior personnel in Asia
• Continue implementing the town hall-style meetings between employees and the president
• Reorganized education process for global managerial staff
• Implemented global employee survey
• Held reginal Global Executive Program (GEP)
• Held town meetings hosted by president and executive officers
• Develop customer-oriented, innovative personnel to win out in global competition
• Clarify the ideal employee and the desired mindset, actions, capacity and skills
• Accelerate the speed of human resource development
• Systematically develop Group managers
• Share global success stories (hold global award ceremonies, etc.)
1) Serious accidents*4: 0
2) Frequency rate of accidents causing absence from work: 0.1 or less
• Strengthen cultivation of safety culture: Involvement of top management in safety, safety management at workplace, improve individuals’ safety awareness
• Improve global safety and health management
• Ensure basic safety of fa
1) Serious accidents*4: 1
2) Frequency rate of accidents causing absence from work: 0.23 (in Japan), 0.44 (outside Japan)
Prevention of occupational accidents
• Serious accidents*4: 0
• Frequency rate of accidents causing absence from work: 0.1 or less
1) Continue implementing the Health KM2016 medium-term health plan
• Enhance and strengthen support for Group-affiliated companies in Japan
• Reduce the number of high-stress workplaces by strengthening workplace improvement measures
• Increase the continuous usage rate of KENPOS, a health encouragement website
• Selected for inclusion in Health & Safety Stock Selection of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan for second straight year
• Promoted measures to minimize number of employees with health risks
• Promoted health movement to establish exercise habits and improve food habits
Promote health management
• Step in to help employees before they have to take leave of absence for illness
• Take steps to reduce the number of employees with health risks
*4 Serious accidents refers to
(1) death, illness requiring a long recuperation (or the possibility of such), injuries leaving a disability (or the possibility of such), and/or specific contagious diseases and/or
(2) an accident that causes the occupational death, injury or illness of three or more workers at one time (including cases in which leave is not required).


Key Action Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results Fiscal 2016 Targets and Plans
• Implement career development programs for female employees • Provided leadership training for female managerial candidates
• Offered mentoring for female employees
• Hire female managers: 5.0% ratio of female employees (fiscal 2017 target)
• Active hiring of new female graduates: 30% rate of female hires
• Encourage female employees to perform to potential through leadership from top managers
• Proactive hiring and utilization of global human resources • Percentage of non-Japanese employees among new Konica Minolta, Inc. employees: 8.0%(joining April 2016)
• Evaluated managers based on globally standardized evaluation criteria
• Shared a global perspective through Global Strategy Council(ongoing implementation)
• Proactive hiring and training of employees of foreign nationality
• Evaluation of managerial staff based on globally standardized evaluation criteria (ongoing)
• Sharing of global perspective developed by Global Strategy Council(expand membership)
• Share measures to promote diversity on a global basis
Targets are not set for social innovation since this material issue has been newly specified.

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