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Eco Leaf Environmental Label

Digital printing systems Publication number Date of publication Data Sheet
AccurioPrint 2100 JR-AI-21128E-A Dec/30/2021 PDF
AccurioPress C7090 JR-AI-21027E Jun/18/2021 PDF
AccurioPress C7100 JR-AI-21026E Jun/18/2021 PDF
AccurioPrint C4065 JR-AI-20112E-A Jan/15/2021 PDF
AccurioPress C4070 JR-AI-20111E-A Jan/15/2021 PDF
AccurioPress C4080 JR-AI-20110E-A Jan/15/2021 PDF
AccurioPress C12000 AD-20-1181 Mar/13/2020 PDF
AccurioPress C14000 AD-20-1180 Mar/13/2020 PDF
bizhub C4000i AD-19-1099 May/20/2019 PDF
bizhub C3300i AD-19-E1101 May/20/2019 PDF
AccurioPress C83hc AD-18-1086 Nov/1/2018 PDF
AccurioPress C3080P AD-18-970 Jan/14/2018 PDF
AccurioPress 6136P AD-18-946 Feb/15/2018 PDF
AccurioPress C2070P AD-16-797 Dce/5/2016 PDF
bizhub C3100P AD-14-329 Jul/25/2014 PDF
bizhub PRESS 2250P AD-14-372 Jul/2/2014 PDF
bizhub PRESS 1250P AD-12-187 Jul/24/2012 PDF
(Multi-functional peripherals)
Publication number Date of publication Data Sheet
bizhub 950i JR-AI-22217E May/10/2023 PDF
bizhub 850i JR-AI-23113E May/10/2023 PDF
bizhub 4050i JR-AI-20088E Mar/24/2021 PDF
bizhub 4700i JR-AI-20087E Mar/24/2021 PDF
bizhub 4750i JR-AI-20086E Mar/24/2021 PDF
bizhub C227i JR-AI-20107E Feb/5/2021 PDF
bizhub 750i JR-AI-20084E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub 650i JR-AI-20083E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub 550i JR-AI-20082E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub 450i JR-AI-20081E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub 360i JR-AI-20080E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub 300i JR-AI-20079E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub C750i JR-AI-20078E-A Sep/10/2020 PDF
bizhub C650i AD-19-1176 Jan/15/2020 PDF
bizhub C550i AD-19-1177 Jan/15/2020 PDF
bizhub C450i AD-19-1178 Jan/15/2020 PDF
bizhub C3320i AD-19-1121 July/22/2019 PDF
bizhub C360i AD-19-1095 May/20/2019 PDF
bizhub C300i AD-19-1096 May/20/2019 PDF
bizhub C250i AD-19-1097 May/20/2019 PDF
bizhub C4050i AD-19-1098 May/20/2019 PDF
bizhub C3350i AD-19-E1100 May/20/2019 PDF
AccurioPress C3080 AD-18-968 Jan/14/2018 PDF
AccurioPress C3070 AD-18-969 Jan/14/2018 PDF
AccurioPrint C3070L AD-18-E971 Jan/14/2018 PDF
AccurioPress 6136 AD-18-945 Feb/15/2018 PDF
AccurioPress 6120 AD-18-947 Feb/15/2018 PDF
bizhub 658e AD-18-957 Jan/11/2018 PDF
bizhub 558e AD-18-958 Jan/11/2018 PDF
bizhub 458e AD-18-959 Jan/11/2018 PDF
bizhub 368e AD-18-960 Jan/11/2018 PDF
bizhub 308e AD-18-961 Jan/11/2018 PDF
bizhub C759 AD-17-954 Dce/25/2017 PDF
bizhub C659 AD-17-955 Dce/25/2017 PDF
AccurioPress C6100 AD-17-836 Jul/18/2017 PDF
AccurioPress C6085 AD-17-837 Jul/18/2017 PDF
bizhub C3851 AD-17-853 Apr/27/2017 PDF
bizhub C3351 AD-17-E854 Apr/27/2017 PDF
bizhub C3851FS AD-17-E855 Apr/27/2017 PDF
bizhub 458 AD-17-822 Jan/13/2017 PDF
bizhub 558 AD-17-821 Jan/13/2017 PDF
bizhub 308 AD-16-801 Dce/12/2016 PDF
bizhub 368 AD-16-800 Dce/12/2016 PDF
AccurioPrint C2060L AD-16-E799 Dce/5/2016 PDF
AccurioPress C2060 AD-16-798 Dce/5/2016 PDF
AccurioPress C2070 AD-16-796 Dce/5/2016 PDF
bizhub C658 AD-16-738 Aug/8/2016 PDF
bizhub C558 AD-16-739 Aug/8/2016 PDF
bizhub C458 AD-16-740 Aug/8/2016 PDF
bizhub 758 AD-16-718 May/25/2016 PDF
bizhub 808 AD-16-E719 Jul/20/2016 PDF
bizhub 958 AD-16-E720 Jul/20/2016 PDF
bizhub PRO 1100 AD-15-662 Feb/12/2016 PDF
bizhub C287 AD-16-695 Jan/15/2016 PDF
bizhub C258 AD-15-546 Jan/15/2016 PDF
bizhub C227 AD-16-696 Jan/15/2016 PDF
bizhub 287 AD-15-542 Aug/3/2015 PDF
bizhub 227 AD-15-543 Aug/3/2015 PDF
bizhub C368 AD-15-544 Aug/3/2015 PDF
bizhub C308 AD-15-545 Aug/3/2015 PDF
bizhub C3850FS AD-15-E534 Feb/20/2015 PDF
bizhub C3110 AD-14-381 Jul/25/2014 PDF
bizhub C3350 AD-14-E328 Mar/25/2014 PDF
bizhub C3850 AD-14-327 Feb/20/2014 PDF
bizhub PRESS C1070 AD-13-205 Feb/25/2014 PDF
bizhub PRESS C1060 AD-13-206 Feb/25/2014 PDF
bizhub PRO C1060L AD-13-E207 Feb/25/2014 PDF
bizhub 754e AD-13-297 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 654e AD-13-298 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 554e AD-13-292 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 454e AD-13-293 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 364e AD-13-294 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 284e AD-13-295 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub 224e AD-13-296 Nov/25/2013 PDF
bizhub C754e AD-13-290 Jul/16/2013 PDF
bizhub C654e AD-13-291 Jul/16/2013 PDF
bizhub C554e AD-13-265 May/23/2013 PDF
bizhub C454e AD-13-264 May/23/2013 PDF
bizhub C364e AD-13-263 May/23/2013 PDF
bizhub C284e AD-13-262 May/23/2013 PDF
bizhub C224e AD-13-261 May/23/2013 PDF
bizhub 654 AD-13-E216 Feb/20/2013 PDF
bizhub 754 AD-13-E215 Feb/20/2013 PDF
bizhub 215 AD-13-E250 Feb/1/2013 PDF
bizhub 195 AD-13-E251 Feb/1/2013 PDF
bizhub C554 AD-12-188 Oct/15/2012 PDF
bizhub C454 AD-12-189 Oct/15/2012 PDF
bizhub C364 AD-12-190 Oct/15/2012 PDF
bizhub C284 AD-12-191 Oct/15/2012 PDF
bizhub C224 AD-12-192 Oct/15/2012 PDF
bizhub PRESS 1250 AD-12-185 Jul/24/2012 PDF
bizhub PRESS 1052 AD-12-186 Jul/24/2012 PDF
bizhub PRO 951 AD-12-184 Jun/15/2012 PDF
bizhub C754 AD-12-180 May/16/2012 PDF
bizhub C654 AD-12-181 May/16/2012 PDF
bizhub 36 AD-12-154 Mar/1/2012 PDF